Sitemap - 2022 - Last Week in Plain English

Tech Workers' Unlikely Employer Amidst Layoffs & Determining the Best Web Scraping Tool

How Will AI (ChatGPT) Change Software Development & ‘Game of the Year 2022’

10 Most Popular Programming Articles (November 2022)

End of Instagram & Twitter’s Imminent Breakdown?

The ‘Old Tech’ Souls, New Features of Deno 1.27 & Building Data-Driven Dynamic Forms in React

What's New in Angular v15, React v18 & How Poor Collaboration is Affecting Dev Performance

Fall of the ‘King of Crypto’ and the World’s Scam Capital

Mayhem in Twitterland & Building an eCommerce App from Scratch

10 Most Popular Programming Articles (October 2022)

Why Your Startup Is Failing and What's Behind Twitter's Surge in Hate Speech?

Musk to Lay Off 75% of Twitter’s Staff & Choosing the Right Database for Next.js Apps

Meta's Profit from Hate Speech Ads & Drugs to Delay Aging in Dogs

Ex-Uber Security Chief Convicted & A Look Inside ‘Quiet Firings’

10 Most Popular Programming Articles (September 2022)

Crypto Company's Founder Withdraws $10M Before Filing for Bankruptcy & End of the Internet?

Internet's Worst Stalker Site, Big Tech Hiring Loses Steam

Uber Hacked By Teen & Robot Who Laughs

How Tech Firms Penalise the Innocent & Historic Drop in US Life Expectancy

10 Most Popular Programming Articles (August 2022)

What GPT-3 Knows About You & Middlemen Who Make Money Off Climate Disasters

Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Regret & Europe’s Narrow Escape From Radiation Disaster

Car Explosion Kills Daughter of ‘Putin’s Brain’ & Google Workers Demand Abortion Protection

The State of Online Privacy Post-Roe & How Meta is Tracking Users

Alex Jones Fined $45m for Sandy Hook Claims & A Troubling Trend in Startup Layoffs

The 10 Most Popular Programming Articles (July 2022)

Bitcoin & Recession, Tor Vs. Russian Censorship, & President Biden Deepfake?

Chess Robot Attacks 7-Year-Old & What It's Like to Live on Mars Time

Ruined Amateur Crypto Traders & Influencers Vs. Social Media Algorithms

How Top Politicians Secretly Helped Uber & Netflix Tech Workers’ Woes

The 10 Most Popular Programming Articles (June 2022)

FBI's Most Wanted 'Bitcoin Billionaire' and Code-Stealing AI

Impact of Roe v Wade on Millions & Web3's Shortcomings

Meltdown in Cryptoland, Firing of 5 at Space X, & Negotiating Salary

Lay Off After $100K Loan, ADHD in Adults & Musk vs. Nadella

The 10 Most Popular Programming Articles (May 2022)

Talented Yet Still Poor, Hardest Dev Career Moments, Lost Amazon Cities

Twitter Selling User Data, Climate & Language, and Dinner in 100 Years

Monkeypox Outbreak, Internet Reboot & Fighting Malaria w/ Gene Drives

Global Climate Goal, Bioelectronic AI Hybrid & China's Giant Sinkhole

Lab-Grown Black Hole, Coders' Language Barrier & Newest React Hook

The 10 Most Popular Programming Articles (April 2022)

Frontend Interview Mistakes, Netflix's Crisis & Crawling in Data Science

Murderous AI, Funniest Reddit Thread, and the Never-Ending War

No Code's Brutal Truth, Drop in YouTube Engagement & Web Accessibility

An Interview with our Founder on Developer Experience, Russian Tech Workers' Exodus, and Hackers Exploiting Blockchain

GIF Creator's Death, Billions-Costing Software Errors, and AI Hiring Bias

Kremlin's Twitter Manipulation, the Mirror Universe, and America's Cybersecurity Failures

How to Get Fired Fast, AI Discrimination, and Ukraine-Russia Digital Conflict

Fact-checking Viral Tweets, React's Security Issues and the Anti-Crypto Celeb

Russia's Cyber Threat, The End of Passwords, and React's Startup Disaster

Biggest Lie in IT, Big Tech vs. Innovation, and Digital Brain Replication

100K/Year Developer Roadmap, New React 18 Hook, and Colony on Mars

Fastest Programmer Firing, Pinterest's Newest Feature and Wordle's Overwhelming Sale

Mysterious Space Object, Women's Safety App, and Coding Interview Walkthrough

AI Content Generator, Elon Musk as a Programmer, and The Milky Way's Feeding Habits

Cops Chasing Pokémon, JavaScript Scandal, and Top Web3 Trends in 2022

Learning to Code in 2022, Colour Changing Cars, and the Fate of E3

Last Year in Plain English: The Best Bits From 2021

High Paying Tech Jobs of 2022, Killer Python Scripts, and Nomadic Rogue Planets